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Make Your Own Natural Soap Kit *Survival - Homesteader's* Even without electricity!

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Make Your Own Natural Soap Kit *Survival - Homesteader's* Even without electricity!
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Read entire description before purchasing. I have made three easy to follow, step by step videos to show you exactly how to make your soap using this kit!

Part 1 is putting soap together without power, Part 2 covers problems and Part 3 covers cutting and curing. Make your own pure and natural handmade/homesteader's soap kit, with the same ingredients as in the old days! Produces between 15 to 24 assorted size bars. I usually get 15 huge bars that measure 3.25" x 2.25", a good thick bar that lasts. Size of bar soap will depend on how you cut it.  It will need to set up for 12 to 24hrs and slide out from dividers. Then flip out of soap mold and trim up edges if desired. Kit comes with enough lye (9.5oz by weight), lard (4lbs by weight), and Standard Grade Peppermint Essential Oil (2oz by capacity) to do one basic batch of homemade soap. Easy to follow instructions come in kit to walk you through how to make your very own homemade soap. Over time you can save tons of money by making your soaps instead of having to buy them. You will also be learning an old skill that is quickly fading from our culture. You can make a natural, pure bar soap without harsh skin irritating chemicals for your home and family. *When you purchase this kit, you are agreeing that we are not liable for your actions, any damages or adverse effects of using this soap making kit or the soap that is produced. You understand that we can only explain the process of how to make soap using this kit, but the total responsibility for outcome is on the user and/or purchaser. You also agree that by purchasing this kit, it and all ingredients will be used by a competent individual only, within the prescribed boundaries of the law for using lye and that the lye it contains will be kept out of reach of children. Lye is a potentially hazardous material that is to be used with caution. By purchasing this kit you also agree that we will not be held liable for your use or misuse of this ingredient, lye (sodium hydroxide), or any other in the kit. This kit will supply the ingredients you will need but a few other kitchen items and utensils will be needed for the complete project. All nneded items will be listed with instructions. For any questions please contact us. *DON'T MISS HOW LEHMAN'S TOTALLY STOLE MY IDEA TO MARKET THEIR OWN VERSION OF THIS 'MAKE YOUR OWN SOAP KIT', link is here

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