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Org Bug, Sun & Salve

"Look, no more bugs Mom!" A natural way to get rid of pests, created by a gardener for fellow gardeners, children, and any outdoorsy folk. Safe for people and planet. Non aerosol and works for several hours. We live in the middle of a National Forestry and Oh my, the bugs are fierce! Nowadays, who really wants to hose their children, grandchildren, or ourselves, down with cancer causing chemicals and have an asthma attack while doing it? Choose an alternative, it's natural and it works! Garden Goo TM or  The Bug Bar TM fresh smell, using Pure Essential Oils. Not fragranced with synthetic or chemical ingredients. Awesome for people with allergies or who normally react to chemicals; and easy on the environment. The Essential Oils also help with the itch and sting of bug bites! Comes in bar or lotion, full or travel sizes. We have had so many repeat customers/orders of our Pest Repellents that we are now selling out, order in advance to ensure we can complete order. We also now have an Oxybenzone Free Sunscreen with natural bug repellent! Organic Sun & Bug Bar TM
*We offer discounts for bulk buying. Need a few bottles for ball games, mission trips, camps or school group activities? Give us a call and we'll give a discount quote. Essential oils are very potent and manufacturer and/or seller is not responsible for allergic reactions. Consumer must do their own research as to what they may be allergic to and read ingredients on item carefully. We have never had anyone report any adverse reactions to any of our products, only rave reviews of how effective they are. Apply "Everywhere" directly to skin, be liberal with it. Even a light swipe on face, neck, hair or clothes helps to ensure better coverage. And if children apply to themselves, make sure they or adult rub in to ensure coverage all over skin. Headed outside? Grab The Goo! TM Or be sure and check out our new Organic Sun & Bug Bar TM, a combination bar in a easy to carry tube. Designed by a Mom, because we don't trust our family's skin to just anyone.