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Organic Body Care

Yes, you can feel the difference with Buttermilk! What we use is from our own homestead. It's a Raw, Organic Buttermilk we get straight from the cow! No dehydrated powder form of a by product with who know's what's in it. We milk the cow, make the buttermilk, and make the lotion. Since cow's milk is higher in fat content then most animal milks, this makes for a richer lotion than other milk product lotions. A difference that's easy to feel! We currently have several different varieties, all are 93% to 95% Organic. We do have some without buttermilk also. For organic eczema and psoriasis, try the Organic Butta '. It contains essential oils known to help correct and relieve the itch. We also have an organic lotion bar called The Raw Bee Bar that you can choose to scent with essential oils, fragrance oil, or leave unscented. We are working with nature give you great options for your skin.