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Plain Ol' Lye Soap

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Plain Ol' Lye Soap
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Plain ol' lye soap with only four ingredients. Which by the way is what notable Author, Chemist,Dr. and Dental Researcher Gerald F. Judd advocates for tooth remineralization, and all you need to kill germs and bacteria in the mouth. Using a pure (no chemical additives)bar of soap will be all you need to fight gingivitis as well a all bacteria growth in the mouth and on teeth. A pure soap for tooth brushing will rinse away with two rinses, however: a toothpaste based in glycerine takes at least 27. For more, see Dr. Judd's book Good Teeth Birth to Death. Our Pure Soap Contains ONLY: Water, Lard, Lye and a little Peppermint essential oil. For a totally natural clean. This is awesome for stains, everyday sink use, sensitive skin, laundry base, and more. We add the touch of Peppermint Oil for a fresh natural scent and antibacterial abilities. This is what our family uses for washing dishes and much more.
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